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Jan 13, 2013 06:02 PM

Vegan near LAX without a car...

I will be in Los Angeles in mid-February for a convention at the Airport Marriott (LAX)-I am a longtime vegan and need to know what my options are for dining...They need to be within walking distance of the airport Marriott hotel, as I will not have access to a car.

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  1. there is, imho, no edible food of any sort within walking distance of any of the Airport hotels.

    1. You can search on for vegan and vegetarian places and enter a mileage distance, this is the only one that came up within a decent walking distance from the Marriott. I've not been so I can't recommend.

      1100 W Florence Ave Unit D, Inglewood California
      5 reviews
      Distance: 1.2 mi.
      Vegetarian and vegan fast food primarily for takeaway. Menu features dishes with faux meats, including breaded 'chicken' tenders, 'chicken' salad, burger with grilled veg beef or veg chicken, philly cheese steak, chili, and veggie hot dog. Also sweet potato fries and red skin fries plus lemonade and other beverages. Parking lot in front. Veg-it-up also has a food truck - see website for locations. Price: Inexpensive more-less
      Vegan-friendly, American, Fast food, Take-out, Catering

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        Thanks for the replies-I have the Happy Cow app on my phone-I use it quite a bit when I am traveling. Will have to check out Veg-It-Up next time I am there; We were on a time limited schedule, so we ended up eating a lot of fruit from Starbucks, miso cups, instant oatmeal and Subway sandwiches (there is a Subway about 3 blocks away from the Marriott). There is a restaurant inside the Marriott that had hummus and veggies, but the line to get in was REALLY long, and we just didn't have time to wait. There is also a little independent sandwich shop a few blocks from the Marriott, but it's only open M-F and we didn't see it until Sat. The only other options were really expensive salads from hotel restaurants or a salad from Burger King (you can get a plain green salad for like $2, with just salt & pepper, as all their salad dressing have eggs, dairy,or honey in them). The food court at LAX, at least for the terminal that Southwest was in, has very limited options. All the salads had some sort of cheese on them, and they were all premade, so I couldn't have them just make one for me without it. I did get a decent sized fresh fruit cup from one of the vendors and hot water for my little packets of miso from Starbucks (they charged $1 for hot water though...)

      2. OOPS! i didn't look at the post date before i answered!