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Jan 13, 2013 05:56 PM

Honeymoon in Newport, Where Should We Eat?

Honeymoon in Newport, Where Should We Eat?
My soon-to-be wife and I will be honeymooning in Newport, RI in March and I am looking for recommendations.
The White Horse Tavern is already on the list.
Was interested in the Spiced Pear, but after looking at yelp I'm not so sure...
And of course, I need to know where the best seafood restaurant is.

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  1. 22 Bowens is a great steakhouse and the Mooring is great seafood in a nice, but lively atmosphere.

    1. Restaurant Bouchard esp if you like duck

      1. Moorings is EXCELLENT....

        1. 22 Bowens always is great. Moorings has disappointed us the last couple of times. My favorite spot in Newport is Restaurant Bouchard. If you had to pick between Bouchard's and White Horse, I would say Bouchard's. For the money, I found Spiced Pear to be wildly underwhelming. Tucker's is fun and funky. Perro Salado if you want Mexican.

          1. spiced pear is excellent - not a usual location for yelpers to advise on

            castle hill is good but at that time of year lunch may be better because of the view

            both of the above high end

            zeldas is also good. local, fresh food reasonable prices

            TSK may be open again on lower thames - it is farm to table.

            tallulah on thames is very good. pricy but worth it