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Salad components - what temperature?

My SO and I were having a rare and completley useless discussion tonight about the temperature of salad components.

For me at least,
Meat: room temperature, slight chill
Tomatoes: room temperature
Cheese: room temperature (I feel it enhances the flavor, SO prefers the cheese cool)
Eggs: chilled
Greens: slight chill, not refrigerator cool but not room temperature
Dressing: room temperature (SO staunchly argued for chilled)

We agreed on most of these preferences, but disagreed on the temperature for the dressing. What do you think is the best temperature/you prefer for salad dressing? Just thought I'd get some thoughts, clearly there is no right answer

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  1. Room temp, I take it (the dressing) out of the fridge a bit ahead of time to take the chill off.

    1. Something has to be cold. If the dressing is room temp I want my lettuce to be pretty cold.

      1. I happen to like a still-warm egg that's not long out of the water (boiled or poached). I like cool greens and veg (except tomato) - they seem crisper.

        I never really thought about the dressing, but I usually make it fresh. Even if I pull it out of the fridge, it usually sits on the counter while I prep the ingredients, so it's at least got the chill off, although I wouldn't like an actually warm creamy dressing. I guess cool room temperature would be my answer.

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          I love a good boiled egg but I really can't do warm eggs. I'm not sure what it is...room temp yes, warm nope but of course your not alone in your love for warm eggs.

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            I only eat poached egg on salad, despise hard boiled and I would prefer the egg to be warm and runny. I want the yolk to become part ofthebsalad dressing. Victoria GastroPub in Ellicott city MD has an amazing salad with duck confit and some sort of blue cheese with the egg and it is divine!

        2. Cool or room temp for the dressing, and warm or room temp for meat and eggs.

          1. I think it depends on the type of dressing.. For vinegarette, room temp is best since the olive oil I normally use stiffens up when cold. Since I like it tossed with the salad so it's not really going to change the over all temperatue in any case. For creamy, like for a wedge salad, it should be chilled.

            1. I think season plays into it. A cool salad is great on hot summer days, but something warm in winter is good. It could be a warm vegetable like beets or potatoes, or meats, or eggs.

              For an oil and vinegar dressing, I like room temperature. The oil won't be fragrant enough chilled.

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                I am very much so in favor of having some warm element to the salad - whether it's roasted veggies, warm poached egg or even meat. I enjoy a salad that's a mix of the raw crunch with the slightly wilted elements.

                And dressing definitely at room temperature. Especially if oil based.

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                  Well, you've hit the nail on my random occasion to the whole foods salad bar. As much as I love salad, I love protein and so have to resist spending $20 on a salad I can make at home with less effort but when I want a topping of delicious warm roasted vegetables to combine with other cool ingredients I let myself load up a take out box

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                    I like everything cool, with one warm element. Either steak or veggies or tofu warm on top of a mix of greens.

              2. Greens; slight chill served on a cold plate
                Eggs; room temp
                Salad Dressing; room temp
                Tomatoes; always on the counter, never chilled or in the frig!

                1. "My SO and I were having a rare and completely useless discussion..."

                  Rare? That seems to be the norm for me and my husband, but we've been together 18 years so maybe that says something. :)

                  To answer your question, I like pretty much all the components of a salad at room temperature, with a slight chill to the greens if anything. I just think room temperature salad has a much more heightened taste.

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                    Glad to hear that! I threw the "rare" adjective in so as not to seem like a complete weirdo who thinks about such things but random inquiries of this sort are quite the norm in my house and can keep me and so entertained for hours or...just me at the wee hours of the morning when I lose several hours googling random topics