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Jan 13, 2013 04:50 PM

bacon marmalade in yyc?

cant find this stuff anywhere.i have some ideas i want to try.has anyone seen and /or used this in cowtown

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  1. Have you checked in Superstore already?
    They have it on their website but there is no way to tell if a particular store carries it.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. In case you were still looking ...
        I was flipping through an issue of City Palate - Jan/Feb 2013 - and noticed a blurb for Bacon Jam.
        It said it was available at Janice Beaton.

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        1. re: cancowboy

          PS. one of the easiest things to make...and much better than in the jar.

          1. re: cancowboy

            The bacon marmalade in the superstore must be different from the bacon jam in your link. The superstore one is an actual marmalade with orange peel and juice in it.

          2. Superstore has it under the PC black label.

            I haven't tried it though.

            1. I saw it in the Huntington Superstore yesterday. I've tried it and if you weren't told that there was bacon in it you wouldn't know. You can taste the slight hint of bacon at the end.