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Jan 13, 2013 03:45 PM

Leftover stuffed peppers

What can make with them??? Go!
(Stuffed with beef, rice, onions, garlic tomato and simmered in marinara)

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    1. Dice, heat, serve as hash, topped with poached eggs

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      1. re: Marge

        I think I misunderstood the question. I love Marge's idea.

      2. I like to chop it up and add it to chicken broth to make stuffed pepper soup. Very simple and comforting

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        1. re: suzigirl

          Ditto on the soup. That was my first thought, too.

        2. Slice them when they are ice cold and make a sandwich on lightly toasted white bread.

          1. The soup sounds wonderful!! It occurs to me that you could chop them up and toss them with some cooked egg noodles and any sauce you have left, and bake with some buttered breadcrumbs atop, maybe mixed with a little Parmesan cheese. If you don't have any extra sauce from the peppers, you could toss the noodles first with a little olive oil, cracked pepper and Parm, or even a fast cheese sauce, and then proceed with tossing in the chopped peppers.