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Jan 13, 2013 03:26 PM

definition of Malaysian casserole?

Hi, I love Malaysian food, have numerous cookbooks about it, and often eat it out in restaurants here in NYC.

Some of the menus have separate sections titled "casserole". What make a dish a Malaysian casserole and what distinguishes a casserole from other dishes like a curry or laksa?

Thank you for any info that will help me to understand this.

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  1. I've been to Malaysia many times (have family there) but I have never heard of a Malaysian casserole. I can't even think of any dishes that could be construed as a casserole...

    What dishes are listed in the menus as casseroles?

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      Redang Island and Nyonya both have casserole sections on their menus.

      On Redang Island's menu:
      Curry assam fish head is under "casserole", while assam laksa is under "noodles in soup".

      An example from Nyonya's menu:
      fried fish head casserole under "casserole", steamed fish in Nyonya house special sauce is under "fish"

      (Sorry, I'm a bit technologically challenged and not sure how to put a link in here)

      Maybe it's a nyc thing?

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        It sounds like "casserole" is what they call stewed dishes that are generally served/cooked in a claypot.

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          I'll order some of them and find out what they're like!