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Jan 13, 2013 01:58 PM

Hotel room picnic suggestions

Hubby and I are getting away for the weekend, and I want to plan a meal in the room. We've already done the typical cheese/crackers/hummus/deli meats sort of thing. This time I was thinking about making something ahead, that will re-heat well in a microwave. Perhaps a stew, soup, or lasagna? Any thoughts or suggestions??
Bianca P.

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  1. Fondue? You'd need to prep the vegetables, toast cubes at home. Bring wine and a decadent dessert too, like chocolate mousse or cheesecake.

    1. As soon as I saw your mention of "picnic" my first thought was fried chicken. Who doesn't love fried chicken at a picnic? The beauty of this is it can be eaten at room temperature. You could serve it w potato salad or make a mac & cheese and re-heat that in the micro.

      Other ideas I've used for similar picnic-themed occasions are:

      Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches and Tomato Soup (sandwiches served at room temp, soup could travel in a thermos or, reheat in micro.

      Muffuletta - My fave is this recipe from Gourmet Mag:

      Souvlaki (pre-grilled and served cold or at room temp) in a pita w tzatziki and salad

      Roasted Beef Tenderloin served at room temperature w roasted vegetable salad and some lovely crusty bread

      Lobster Rolls

      1. How about a cassoulet? I just had "leftover cassoulet" this evening out of the freezer. It reheats very well and would be an incredible surprise in a hotel room. It's a great winter/cold weather meal, though i'm not sure where you are.

        1. I would do a chowder and kick it up a notch with some fresh bread. Maybe even a nice winter salad, spinach, mandarin oranges, glazed walnuts, cranberries. Make a fancy honey butter for the bread. All these can be done ahead and packed for easy fixing at the hotel. I've even brought a small crock pot with me. Possibilities are endless.

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