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my mango sauce is missing something.......

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hi all. I simmered onions, garlic, ginger, mangoes, salt, pepper, dried chilies, limes, and orange juice for about an hour and pureed it. i plan on using it on some chicken that is marinading. it taste good right now, good sweetness, bit of spice, sourness/acidity. but it seems its missing a certain something, any recommendations of what i should add? i thought about soy sauce, but i dont want to make it taste any saltier. i dont really know what it needs, i just think it needs something.

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  1. fresh jalapenos. That's the only way I like mangoes.

    1. fresh uncooked lime juice.

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        That's a great idea! and simple, too.

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          that is a great idea. sadly i used both my limes already. and spent my last 20 bucks on beer and cigarettes haha.

        2. Are you sure it just doesn't need more salt? More often than not, the "missing something" is salt, a little salt does wonders to make things taste more like themselves and more rounded.

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            if no more lime a splash of lemon or white wine vinegar.
            and I bet it does indeed need more salt.

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              ill add more salt. i suppose it would be hard to make it too salty, since after all it is a sauce, and not a soup!

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                "ill add more salt. i suppose it would be hard to make it too salty, since after all it is a sauce, and not a soup!"

                You can definitely make a sauce too salty. If you can taste the salt in it dont add any more!

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                if you arent sure if it needs more salt or not, just get a spoonfull of your mango puree, sprinkle a couple of salt flakes on it, and see if it tastes better or if it just makes it taste salty

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                  Or fish sauce.

                3. i didnt add anything. it tasted wonderful with the fairly spicy chicken.

                  thanks all. i do think that some fresh lime juice would have been superb.

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