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Jan 13, 2013 12:24 PM

Shaloch Manot Ideas 2013

So I know it's only January, but I so hate leaving things for the last moment and started planning our Purim Shaloch Manot theme for this year. Our kids (and us) are planning to dress up as pirates and I would like to do a pirate them, however, other then chocolate coins and pirate treasure chests for containers, I am kind of stuck. Any suggestion for mine or other ideas of Shaloch Manot would be so appreciated!

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  1. Ohhhh. My brother in law is really into pirates. I'm interested in the ideas that come up. My only thoughts are individual packets of Pirate's Booty, dried tropical fruit and mini bottles of rum (for the adults).

    Where did you find the mini pirate chests?

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    1. rum balls or banana rum cakes? those candy bracelets or neckalces and candy rings for pirate treasure? we'll all keep thinking...

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        We did a tropical theme a few years ago and used most of these ideas. The rum is a given. We also included some fruit juice to create your own "punch." Tropical dried fruits and mini banana-coconut-pineapple muffins went in, too.

        I just had another thought. Chocolate skulls! We have a candy mold for 3-D skulls that I bought off the internet. It may be from Wilton. You can use the Wilton candy melts to make the skulls in any color you like. If you don't want to be bothered "gluing" the two skull halves together, the top half looks fine by itself.

        Oh, and lime curd hamataschen.

      2. tiny bottles of rum (the size they serve on airplanes)

        1. If you make up a little poem or something insert with the packages, you may be able to get a little creative. For example:

          -walk the "veggie straw plank" (or any broad, flat snack such as graham crackers or tea biscuits)
          -something with grapes or raisins as cannonballs
          -place a deck of cards on top (I know it's not food...) and then everything will be "below deck" on the pirate ship.
          -black jellybeans for the curse of the black pearl (I have not seen that Pirates of the Caribbean movie, so I don't know if this makes sense. Or if people even like black jellybeans. I know I don't). Or make hamentaschen with a chocolate chip filling, and they could be the "black pearls."

          Is there anything from Peter Pan that you could pull in, such as relates to Captain Hook or Smee?

          Pirates are not really my forte. Good luck!

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          1. Last year we gave a bottle of wine, challah, and olive spread.

            For the kids, a fancy cupcake and chocolate milk.

            This year, probably wine and a small cake or babka.