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Legendary Palace In Oakland Cinatown....new ownership?

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  • andee Jan 13, 2013 12:22 PM
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We normally eat Dim Sum here but went today (after it being closed for a short while) and the dim sum was terrible!Anyone know if the old owners opened another restaurant and if so, where?

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  1. The liquor license hasn't changed hands since 2002.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks for letting me know!

      1. re: andee

        On the other hand, there are lots of reports on Yelp that it's under new management.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Oh we are not going there again after today but yes,we were told it's under new management.Our usual $45 bill was $63 for less than mediocre food.

          1. re: andee

            Just go to East Ocean in Alameda! If you go to Legendary Palace for dim sum on a weekday, the lowered prices may be worth the so-so food for some. It's not like there are many better dim sum restaurants in Oakland Chinatown.

            1. re: vincentlo

              Drove by earlier, didn't see the banner/flyers that said discounted dim sum pricing like before. Also, didn't have the banquet/set menus taped to window either.

    2. heard thru it grapevine the old owners have sold their interest and are concentrating their energies at their new endeavor: "new sang chong supermarket' in san leandro.

      1. I think they have a new chef (since the OP ... I haven't been a while so hadn't been actively tracking).

        Went for dim sum on Saturday and there were many excellent dishes. Only 3 of us so not a huge, huge spread. But I'll be back again soon.

        -- pineapple buns -- used to have a little bit of egg custard and a piece of pineapple inside -- now filled with granular lo sah "sandy" egg custard. Very orange as if they use yolks only. Drippy sugar bomb, in a really good way. The 'pineapple' topping was also very nice, tasty and crisp.
        -- rice noodle rolls with cilantro -- we weren't totally sure about these but the cilantro added a really nice fresh note and the noodles were a perfect vehicle for that sauce
        -- sticky rice with chicken -- I didn't try it because I was getting full, but my friends were pleased
        -- chicken feet -- good, typical
        -- spareribs -- good, typical, maybe could be meatier
        -- bbq pork steamed buns -- delicious. these guys are on the small side, but good bun to meat ratio, no stray pieces of chewy fat
        -- shrimp dumplings -- not my thing, my companions loved. they looked nice and plump
        -- fried taro meat dumplings -- these are not usually my fave because they can be such a grease bomb, but these were very good -- really nice, dry-to-the-touch crispy coating
        -- egg tarts -- had the same darker custard with granulated sugar that the pineapple buns did. Not typical, but I enjoyed them.
        -- turnip cakes -- delicious, with nice big chunks of turnip (I like that, but some people may prefer a smoother preparation). nicely fried. only disappointment? we weren't offered oyster sauce which my toy san heritage prefers
        -- stir fried rice cakes -- ok, this was several days ago, I don't recall the particulars, but this was fine.

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        1. re: Torina

          Cool. Where would you put them compared to others, like Peony, Asian Pearl, the Millbrea places?

          1. re: bbulkow

            I haven't been to them recently enough to do a fair comparison.