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Jan 13, 2013 12:22 PM

Legendary Palace In Oakland ownership?

We normally eat Dim Sum here but went today (after it being closed for a short while) and the dim sum was terrible!Anyone know if the old owners opened another restaurant and if so, where?

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  1. The liquor license hasn't changed hands since 2002.

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        On the other hand, there are lots of reports on Yelp that it's under new management.

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          Oh we are not going there again after today but yes,we were told it's under new management.Our usual $45 bill was $63 for less than mediocre food.

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            Just go to East Ocean in Alameda! If you go to Legendary Palace for dim sum on a weekday, the lowered prices may be worth the so-so food for some. It's not like there are many better dim sum restaurants in Oakland Chinatown.

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              Drove by earlier, didn't see the banner/flyers that said discounted dim sum pricing like before. Also, didn't have the banquet/set menus taped to window either.

    1. heard thru it grapevine the old owners have sold their interest and are concentrating their energies at their new endeavor: "new sang chong supermarket' in san leandro.

      1. I think they have a new chef (since the OP ... I haven't been a while so hadn't been actively tracking).

        Went for dim sum on Saturday and there were many excellent dishes. Only 3 of us so not a huge, huge spread. But I'll be back again soon.

        -- pineapple buns -- used to have a little bit of egg custard and a piece of pineapple inside -- now filled with granular lo sah "sandy" egg custard. Very orange as if they use yolks only. Drippy sugar bomb, in a really good way. The 'pineapple' topping was also very nice, tasty and crisp.
        -- rice noodle rolls with cilantro -- we weren't totally sure about these but the cilantro added a really nice fresh note and the noodles were a perfect vehicle for that sauce
        -- sticky rice with chicken -- I didn't try it because I was getting full, but my friends were pleased
        -- chicken feet -- good, typical
        -- spareribs -- good, typical, maybe could be meatier
        -- bbq pork steamed buns -- delicious. these guys are on the small side, but good bun to meat ratio, no stray pieces of chewy fat
        -- shrimp dumplings -- not my thing, my companions loved. they looked nice and plump
        -- fried taro meat dumplings -- these are not usually my fave because they can be such a grease bomb, but these were very good -- really nice, dry-to-the-touch crispy coating
        -- egg tarts -- had the same darker custard with granulated sugar that the pineapple buns did. Not typical, but I enjoyed them.
        -- turnip cakes -- delicious, with nice big chunks of turnip (I like that, but some people may prefer a smoother preparation). nicely fried. only disappointment? we weren't offered oyster sauce which my toy san heritage prefers
        -- stir fried rice cakes -- ok, this was several days ago, I don't recall the particulars, but this was fine.

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          Cool. Where would you put them compared to others, like Peony, Asian Pearl, the Millbrea places?

          1. re: bbulkow

            I haven't been to them recently enough to do a fair comparison.

            1. re: bbulkow

              Still meaning to do the comparison at Peony (We live in Oakland, so aren't likely to get to Millbrae), but in the meantime have been to Legendary a few more times ... have also been to Yank Sing Rincon recently and do enjoy it too, but we feel more relaxed & rollicking at Legendary.

              Twice, I went a little earlier than usual and sat downstairs, which was a mistake. Much less variety and slow service. I observed rice noodle rolls being left on the side and getting cold for ages.

              However, last weekend we went during "rush hour" and sat upstairs, and were well rewarded for our patient waiting.
              -- Har gow were enormous, my brother who was visiting from out of town swooned
              -- FRIED MILK -- I hadn't had these since childhood (80s in Flushing), and was so happy! Sweet, creamy milk interior, batter fried. Lightly greasy but nice and crisp and held up. I don't know how many adults will really like this, it is a great nostalgic favorite for me though, and I think kids will like it.
              -- Roast suckling pig with crispy skin -- very tender, fatty, and delicious. This was a special, $18, but we couldn't resist. It seemed like there were a lot of specials, maybe they are ramping up for moon festival season?
              -- Sticky rice -- served in the upside down glass bowl on a ceramic plate, rather than the lotus steamed ones (those also available) - more of an emphasis on the shitaake and sausage and I *think* there was some dried duck in there too. Peanuts too IIRC. I've had it done better, this was drier than I prefer, but I liked the add-ins.
              -- Fried chicken wings with serrano and garlic, these are good but mainly we get them for the gwai lo at the table
              -- More of those cilantro rice noodle rolls and the pineapple buns I raved about in the earlier post
              -- Steam bbq pork buns, siu mai and other standards were good

              We went away stuffed and happy. Service was really kind to us, too. One staff member in particular helped us hunt down dishes, brought sauces and waters and silverware time after time, and jingled her keys to amuse the baby nephew. This particular lunch was more expensive because we got some specials like the suckling pig, but we typically eat there for $12 pp.

              Bro and sis-in-law went a couple days later to Koi Palace in Dublin (on a weekday as opposed to a Sunday) with some extended family. Swore up and down Legendary was better. Har gow were equal, it was said.

          2. The ABC web site now shows the liquor license was cancelled in January, so apparently it did change hands.