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Jan 13, 2013 11:43 AM

Cooking/Baking with "Cherry Heering"?

Not one of the liquor stores in our area had Kirsch, which I wanted for a cheese fondue recipe, so I bought a bottle of "Cherry Heering" (which worked perfectly as a Kirsch sub in the fondue, by the way).

So I now have a bottle of "Cherry Heering" & was wondering what, if anything, folks here have used it for in cooking/baking. Not interested in drink recipes - I have plenty of those - just dishes. Already have plans for "Cherries Jubiliee" & a nice "Cherry Clafouti".

Any other ideas?

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  1. Baking - I'd probably use it to flavor buttercream and whipped cream, add it to soaking syrup for cake layers, drizzle it over fresh fruit, etc.

    1. How about using it with meats that are complimented by some fruitiness? Like ham, duck, pheasant, venison, elk?

      1. I have used it in salad dressing (the goat cheese, nut, dried fruit kind) and I have used it in chocolate desserts. I have a ton of it myself, so I am hoping others have ideas too :)

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          i would guess you could substitute it for the kirsch in a black forest cake but I've never tried that. I'm thinking it might flavor a fruit chutney or work like marsala in a zabaglione?

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            Oh, nice idea on the zabaione. I especially love a cherry vanilla combo!

        2. I love filling donuts with a little cherry or coffee heering, its an easy and great dessert. I simply heat up sugar donuts for about 5 min on 300, then "Inject" the donuts w the liqueur. For an extra nice touch, you can dip the donuts in some sugar and burn w a Creme brûlée torch for a candy topping. It's a winter favorite for sure!

          1. Thanks guys - lots of good ideas!! :)