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Jan 13, 2013 11:14 AM

Lunch in Indy?

We'll be in Indianapolis on a Friday and would like to have a nice lunch; somewhere with decent wine and great food. We like all types of cuisine. I've searched for recommendations, but am not sure what's open for lunch. Recommendations appreciated; thanks!

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  1. I am sure some of the more upscale chains do lunch too, but if you want to go with something more interesting/local--I believe Black Market is open for lunch. We went for dinner when I was down there over the holidays and found it enjoyable.

    I think I recall seeing that Bluebeard was open for lunch to-- a restaurant I was also really interested in trying.

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      I haven't been to either, but Black Market is at the far end of Mass Ave, a mile northeast of downtown and Bluebeard is a mile southeast of downtown

    2. I was invited to a nice "closing a deal" business lunch at Sullivan's. Good food and a decent wine list.

      Eric Stauffer may be able to give you some additional leads?

      1. Where in Indy will you be?

        If you're on the north side, Oakley's Bistro is my favorite restaurant in Indy. It's the only truly creative, chef-driven, independent Indy restaurant I can think of that's open for lunch.

        Downtown, the Oceanaire, is open for lunch and it's outstanding, with some of the best, freshest seafood you'll find anywhere. Palomino is also very good, with an American menu.

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          Incidentally, if you're driving to the Oceanaire or Palomino, both are located on the same block as the Circle Center indoor mall, although their entrances are from the street, not from the mall. The Circle Center has cheap indoor parking, $1.50 for up to 3 hours; the entrance is on the left on Maryland Avenue between Illinois and Meridian, directly under a pedestrian walkway overpass.

        2. Thanks, folks, I'll check out the menus on line and see what sounds good to DH.

          1. Not much of a fan of chains so Palomino and Oceanaire wouldn't be my first choices. Although Oceanaire is very good.

            I'd go with these all near downtown. Bluebeard would be my first choice.

            Black Market

            If your on the north side. Oakley's is my choice as well.

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              We also prefer not to eat at chain restos. We are actually going to be on the northwest side of Indy, so Oakley's may be the go-to place. Gotta say, I think I'd really like Cerulean's lunch menu but my DH may not be as much of a fan. Bluebeard also looks great but the dinner menu more so than the lunch menu.