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Jan 13, 2013 10:49 AM

Anniversary meal in Kyoto?

I'll be in Kyoto for a week this summer. I've been reading through all the threads on this and haven't come to any conclusions, so wanted to toss this out there. We are staying in Higashiyama. I'd like a long, special, unique Japanese kaiseki experience for our anniversary. I have on my list of possibilities:

Hana Kitcho

My wife is a little less adventurous than I am and also will likely freak out if the price gets too close to 200,000JPY/person. Can anyone recommend which one will fit my budget best and be most welcoming and communicative with English speakers? From what I read, the food quality and service quality at all these should be excellent.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. With ¥200,000 p/p as a budget, you could dine at any of the above restaurants twice, if not three times, over. Did you mean ¥20,000?

    1. wekabeka is right. That's more than $2000 per person

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        This is why I am not an accountant. Yes, I meant ¥20,000.

      2. I don't know if he could dine at Arashiyama Kitcho even 1 time at a $2k budget :)

        I think Kikunoi will certainly exceed your ¥20k budget. That being said, its one of the best. His book is called 'Kaiseki'. So he'd better be dammed knowledgeable on the subject.

        If you're also open to Kappo (counter dining), can I suggest Ogata? The food is exciting and eye opening. Only if you're daring though.

        I've also heard many stories about Wakuden Kodaiji, I personally want to go. Again, not really kaiseki.

        Also, see if when you go, the Kamo River restaurants have their outdoor dining set ups. It's really great to sit outside on a mat and dine on a summer evening along the riverside.

        Kyoto is an extraordinary city. Have fun.