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Jan 13, 2013 10:23 AM

Looking for NYC hot spots with exotic flair

My tastes seem to run to Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern, but I also like a good bar/lounge scene. Have been there done that with Illi (which I LOVED), Junoon, Tamarind, Dhaba, Kittichai, and Spice Market and Buddakan (which I DON'T like in terms of the food) Any suggestions of something that we haven't tried? We tried Asiate last weekend and were disappointed.

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  1. Cherry just opened in old Romera spot in Dream Downtown

      1. Awesome - I booked both places! Thanks!

        1. You might like Pranna for drinks and appetizers. Also consider adding Naya, Chote Nawab, Pig & Khao and Zengo to your itinerary.