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Jan 13, 2013 10:12 AM

Sauerbraten - Subbing gin for juniper berries

I'm making sauerbraten for the first time, and on canvassing recipes, I saw several indicating that gin can sub for juniper berries. I don't see indications about how much. I don't normally have gin around, but I wonder if one of those tiny bottles might be worth popping into the marinade bag (say two-three tablespoons volume)?

Also, I notice that some recipes call for wine marinades whereas mine is broth, red wine vinegar and cider vinegar. I wonder if a little alcohol would help volatize certain tastes that might otherwise go dormant, unless vinegars have the same effect as booze.

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  1. I am one that always suggested gin, until I finally found some juniper berries for my pantry. I also am a rebel in that I use beer rather than wine, with equal amount of vinegar, and I've never had any complaints! I'm going to say that the vinegar and alcohol are for marinading purposes more than for taste.

    1. Gin works beautifully for this purpose. I've done it many times and it's absolutely delicious. Use 3 T. Re:: the second question, the vinegars/booze do play two roles...flavor and tenderization. If you want, you could sub. a decent red wine, using it in place of 1/2 the broth, and you'll build in another layer of flavor, instead of replicating by using more gin.
      Enjoy your dinner. What are your siide dishes?

      1. I don't care for the taste of gin. I always use a good red wine and good red wine vinegar as well.