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Jan 13, 2013 10:03 AM

3 Nights in SF

My wife and I are looking to do a fun and romantic long weekend trip to SF next month. We are really excited about it and this will be her first time in the city!

Staying within a reasonable budget ($20-25 a person), what are some MUST try places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am wondering if you only had 4 days/3 nights to hit up the best food on a budget in SF, what would a food itinerary look like for you?

Looking to hit up a wide variety of food rather than just one type. We also like places with cool atmospheres or a nice view. And obviously prefer places that are easy to access via public transportation or are somewhat near where we are staying (Market and 7th).

If you can give recs for amazing desserts too that would great!

Thank you!

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  1. Is that $20-$25 pp out the door? If so, will you be ordering drinks and or beverages? Also, where are you coming from in order to determine if you may have better options for certain types of cuisine at home?

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    1. re: Civil Bear

      Coming from San Diego.

      Would prefer $20-25 pp to be out the door but not including drinks. Although that makes me wonder if you could also recommend places with great drinks too!


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        Sounds like ethnic would be the way to go. Little Saigon is within walking distance and has some great eats:

        Saigon Sandwich (bon mi)
        Turtle Tower (pho ga)
        Bodego Bistro (Viet)
        Pagolac (Viet)
        Lers Ros (Thai)
        Bumese Kitchen
        Hai Ky Mi Gia (Chinese noodle soup)

        You may want to try some non-San Diego Mexican such as:
        Poc Chuc (Yucatan)
        La Taquaria (authentic Mission burrito - although it has migrated down south)

        Other suggestions:
        Park Chow (good comfort food)
        L'Osteria Del Forno (North Beach Italian)

        There are plenty more, but that should get you started.

    2. Some of my favorites in that price range are

      Lers Ros on Larkin (Thai)
      Bodega Bistro (Vietnamese)
      Maykadeh (Persian)
      Troya (Turkish)
      Angkor Borei (Cambodian)
      Helmand Palace (Afghan)
      L'Osteria del Forno (Italian)
      Mandalay (Burmese, be sure to order Burmese dishes, not Chinese or Indian)

      1. I agree that ethnic is the way to go - SF (due to real estate prices etc.) gets very pricey otherwise.

        Stop by the Ferry Building on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday in the late mornings for the farmers market, various food stalls inside etc.

        Try coffee - Philz, Blue Bottle, Ritual, Four Barrel etc.
        Try Pizza - Little Star (Chicago style), or more Italian inspired Zero Zero
        Try bakeries - Tartine, Knead or Craftsman + Wolves
        Try ice cream - birite, mr. or mrs. miscellaneous, or humphrey slocombe

        Not in your budget for a full meal (and the food isn't worth the splurge) but the atmosphere is worth having a swanky drink on the water - Waterbar

        1. The Blue Bottle at Mint St. for simple, well prepared organic poached eggs on toast with great coffee. Maybe the Grubstake for the Portuguese side of the menu, tasty pork chops.

          1. In the Mission Area, The Roosevelt Tamale Parlour might be a good place to check out.