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Jan 13, 2013 09:33 AM

So there is this store Homegoods...

And from what I understand they basically buy products from higher end retailers at wholesale prices that didn't sell quick enough and then sell them to us at a reasonable discount. And there are some CRAZY deals there.

Once the stuff goes to Homegoods it is priced based on quality and whatever the retail price is. However if it doesn't sell at Homegoods quick enough, eventually they will mark it down AGAIN in an effort to just move the merchandise. The result of this is that you can get some amazing deals if you are willing to be patient and hunt for the right opportunity.

Case in point I went there looking for a cheap, albeit decent, non stick skillet (I tend to use them/throw them out when they start to wear) and found one for a good price. And then I noticed there was some stainless cookware...

My three most used pieces are my All-Clad 8 inch fry pan, my Le Creuset 10.25 inch Cast Iron skillet and my Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart french oven. They were all gifts because I can't afford !@$# that nice lol. Then I have a terrible disc bottomed 10 inch stainless pan that I hate and never use.

So Homegoods had about 7 or 8 All Clad Tri Ply 10 inchers. They all were selling for 59.99 which is already a good deal. However I noticed two had been additionally marked down to 39.99. These pieces are NOT seconds. I asked the woman that worked at the store why these two were cheaper and she pointed out the additional price sticker indicating they had been on the shelf for a while.

Long story short I picked up a $115 10 inch stainless pan for 40 bucks. Aside from a few faint scratches (likely acquired just from sitting around) the pan is brand new and immaculate. Hopefully it will also last forever. Just figured this was a good heads up for people who are interested in scoring high end cookware without spending a fortune. I'm only 2 years out of college and wasn't exactly in the market for All-Clad.

Lastly, for those wondering if there isn't something mysteriously wrong with this pan or if it's a counterfeit. I went to WS to compare my pan to theirs and found no discrepancies (it also had a tag and the part numbers matched). The pan is so flawless that I washed it and set it on the counter one day to dry. A few days later I picked it up to look at it and noticed that the bottom was STILL wet as well as a pool of water left where it had been sitting. The bottom of a METAL pan was so flawlessly level that it had formed a perfect seal with my counter and trapped water between the two surfaces for at least 3 days.

Seriously. Check this place out.

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  1. Homegoods is a sister company of TJMaxx (not the company I I erroneously stated earlier) -- the clothing retailer.

    Yes, it's all completely legitimate high-end goods -- they sell past-season and discontinued merchandise at huge discounts.

    The good news is you can get great prices on really good stuff...the bad news is that you can't just walk in thinking "I am going to buy an All Clad saute pan today" -- because they may or may not have EXACTLY what you're looking for...but you can go in looking for a good-quality saute pan.

    1. In the US TJMaxx, Marshalls and Homegoods are all under the TJMaxx umbrella. Homegoods carries only cookware, tableware, and gourmet food stuffs... whereas the other 2 stores sell clothing for the family as well as homegoods. Great stores for wonderful bargains! I'm lucky to have both a TJXX & Marshalls near where I live and a Homegoods not too far away...

      1. I've been a Homegoods lover for at least 10 years. Much of my cookware and other kitchen stuff (plus bedding, towels, etc etc etc) is from there. Love it!

        The only items there that are "seconds" that I've seen are the Le Creuset items, but they are marked as such.

        1. Another one of those places "not on the way" for most errands. BUT, if in area, I ALWAYS stop in and head right to the housewares. Have found some very nice ev olive oils and pure maple syrups there. Once found ground chipotle. Would love to find an enamel, cast iron, Dutch oven for CHEAP! WOuld even consider a "second" with minor dings.

          1. <3 Homegoods. Great place to look for cool kitchen gadgets, dining ware, cookware, and more.