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Jan 13, 2013 09:25 AM

River View East, Elmwood Park

Yes, there is Rutt's, Hog Grill, Hanges. I hadn't been in years and forgot just how much I like the chili on their dogs. Good fries, good shake. The underdog of dogs.

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  1. really great dogs and burgers. no need to hike to clifton imo. Nice stop with the little guy after a day at the saddle brook park down the street.

    1. I respect your opinion on the Chili Sauce.....however, I feel the three other places you mentioned are more preferable for my overall tastes and expectations. My last two visits at River View East were not very good. Old limp gray hot dogs , fries cooked in old grease and spare ribs way beyond their expiration date.....the latter returned to the counter, but no resolution offered in return.

      I would note this was late afternoon both times.....maybe I just hit the place at the wrong times...

      1. Used to go there after hitting a couple of buckets of balls at Hillman's range with my brother. Great place!

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