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noisy restaurants, as of Jan 2013

  • prima Jan 13, 2013 08:50 AM


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  1. Buca

    1. Grand Electric
      La Carnita

      1. Simple Bistro

        1. Guu
          Khao San Road
          Enoteca Sociale

          1. Brunch at County General. Could have been the one experience we had a few weeks ago or else it has become normal for them to blast the music.

            1. guu

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              1. re: todc1996

                todc1996 has a good list as an example where the noise IMO is legitimately the vibe of the restaurant and not a shortcoming of the features of the resto. They are definitely loud and 100% not for everybody, but they are naturally loud and not because of blaring music or poor design.

                They are loud, but to me, loud in a good way....also like Grand Electric which does include music of course.

                1. re: justsayn

                  Grand Electric is more of a bar that serves food, rather than a restaurant, rather like 3030. And really, so are most Izakayas. These sorts of places have a legitimate claim to being really loud.

                  1. re: ascendance

                    Exactly. But I also feel any place has a legitimate claim, as you say, to be really loud, I just don't always want that in a restaurant when I am choosing...so I don't go on that occassion.

              2. Anything by O&B.

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                1. re: graydyn

                  Luma and Bannock have been relatively quiet for me, but I'm usually dining pre-theatre/pre-dinner rush, on a weeknight.