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Jan 13, 2013 08:45 AM

Ideas on ethnic restaurant Brooklyn (or Queens) to cater a small party.

I'd like to have a cocktail party at my place with about 30 adult guests. We did it a couple of years ago and had Tacos Matamoros cater it. It wasn't very expensive and they did a great job. I got three or four dishes in big foil containers, did the bunson burner thing and it was perfect. Would like to do the same but with a different place. We live in Park Slope, but will drive somewhere to pick stuff up. I'd love suggestions of places with tasty crowd friendly type dishes. Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian or Mexican again are probably my favorite ideas, but I am open. Look forward to your suggestions!

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  1. A new place just opened in Bay Ridge and it is so good, I want to have a party just so they can cater. It is on 3rd ave and 83rd st- called Grapevine. Prices seem to be very reasonable- especially when you are getting plates but I am sure that that will translate into platters. They have a good variety of things. Hummus is smooth. Food has that spiced smoky taste. Only thing that I have had that I didn't love was the rice.

    1. Tanoreen does catering if you want to go with middle eastern.

      1. There is a small Turkish place called Sofra, 2122 86th street in Brooklyn. They opened in June 2012. I live in Queens, but if I lived near there I'd be there like 4 times a week at least. The food is f'ing phenomenal. The proprietor is a real cool guy. You should check it out and look at their menu, guaranteed winner.

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          Weve also passed by a turkish place on 4th Ave at around 36th St and wondered about it. - I think its called Taksim 2 or Taksim 2 Square. - might be worth exploring, tho I cant give it any endorsement at all since Ive not been.

          There seems to be a significant expansion of turkish places and products in Brooklyn

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            I dont think its quite as far down as 36th, but we noticed it last week on a drive down 4th as well (we may have been primed having just returned from a wonderful trip to istanbul).

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              Do you mean Kofte Piyaz on 38th and 5th? That place has been on my "to try" list for a while but then I keep forgetting about it. If someone goes, please post and let us know. Now i want to try Sofra too!

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                Ill answer for jen - its definitely different from Kofte Piyaz on 5th (we were just on that block, they have the "" signage? i think they were closed for the holiday yesterday unless they regularly shut on mondays).

                taksim square (2?) has a red awning. by my estimation its on the NW corner of 4th ave and maybe 26th st.

          2. Tanoreen gets a lot of love on this board, and deservedly so, but I also want to recommend Wafa's catering for excellent Middle Eastern.

            1. My vote would be for Bab al Yemen in Bay Ridge. A lot of their dishes would work really well for the foil/bunsen burner set up you're talking about.