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Jan 13, 2013 08:17 AM

Oyster Crawl in PVD

My friends and I want to do an oyster crawl before we return to school this break and wanted recommendations on places to go. So far we have the oyster happy hour at Mills Tavern and North for baked oysters (they had some on their menu, has anyone had them). It'd be easiest to keep things in Providence, so Matunuck is out, sadly. Very sadly. Anyways let us know any other places we should try!

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  1. New river on Tuesday night is the place to go - dollar oysters, good beer, and usually four or five varieties

    1. providence oyster bar does dollar oysters from 4-6:30pm i believe. los andes has a good oyster app on the menu too though i forget the specifics.

      1. also, there is usually someone selling oysters at the hope artiste village farmers market ($10/dozen if i remember correctly). might be a nice way to start the day (buying them) and then end it (shucking your own after making the rounds).

        1. tried north last night. had a dozen raw point judith oysters. a little saltier than i would have liked, but they were very good overall. served with housemade (very) hot sauce and some kind of coconut(?) vinegar sauce (i didn't really catch the description from the waitress, it was tasty though).

          was surprised they hadn't changed the decor from ama's, but it works just as well with the new menu.

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              3 Luongo Memorial Square
              Providence RI


              not exactly a search-friendly name for a restaurant!

            2. re: wormwood

              Wasn't there some kind of deal between North and Ama's (Kara Coburn designer/Mike Sears owner) to keep the original "decor." It's more than "decor" - truly a work of art (just like Avery and Loie Fuller). Honestly, I would have cried had I seen that beautiful interior destroyed. I feel like Providence is one town in which this shit can fly. Folks there a bit laid-back and cooler than most New Englanders. (I can say this as a born-and-bred Rhode Islander!)

              I hope to visit North this weekend!

            3. Just had fried oysters at north. So awesome and presentation separated it from most deep fried nuggets you see everywhere else. Lightly fried, wrapped in napa with apple, tofu and kimchi. Great crunch spicy briny goodness. Hemenways does 1/2 price raw bar Mondays that we hit up more for the crab legs than oysters but its adequate for what it is. PVD oyster bar has "appy hour" during the week w 1$ selections but will usually have a few off the menu choices if you chat them up ( a few sweetneck oysters from mv last time we were in) the 1$ oysters were from va