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Jan 13, 2013 06:47 AM

Looking for an anniversary dinner in Boston

Anniversary snuck up on me- as usual- and need to find somewhere to go. Current top five in Boston are (in no particular order)



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  1. Any of them would be a good choice but if you are open to another suggestion I would take a look at Bistro du Midi or Mistral too. Both are very nice rooms with comfortable atmosphere. Both also have very good food and excellent service. I think either one would be fitting for a special anniversary.

    1. Seems with the inclusion of Craigie that you are willing to cross over into Cambridge in which case I would most strongly recommend Salts...our absolute go to special occasion spot. Happy Anniversary.

      1. Thanks. Salts was on my list because we've never been and I keep meaning to check it out. I've heard that the place can be kind of stuffy- any position on that?

        Like, don't love Mistral and it's been a while since I've been to Bistro du Midi- definitely somewhere that I'd forgotten about.


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          Personally we have never found it to be "stuffy". Definitely quieter and I think much more romantic than Craigie or Hamersleys or Erbaluce for that matter. ( And we love all 3 of those) Run by husband wife team and Analea (?sp) FOH wife is totally lovely and warm. Never a raucous atmosphere but no, not stuffy IMO.

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            Got to agree that Salts is great for that romantic anniversary dinner for two.

        2. I have said it before, Troquet is for people who are wine lovers; the food is good but the wine list is superb with very reasonable prices. I buy wine at Troquet, and i have a respectable cellar.

          I have a feud with Bernadin in NYC as I consider my list of burgundies superior to theirs, and they will not let me bring wine. I do not think that they disagree with my opinion, but we are both being stubborn.

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            I completely agree re: Troquet. I also have a respectable cellar and mostly go to Troquet for the wine, though the food is good. '93 Denis Mortet Chambertin? Yes, please! Got another Boston wine gem?

          2. How about Bondir, never been but hear great things and there is a fireplace.