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Jan 13, 2013 06:40 AM

Court Jester Freehold

As mentioned in another thread I was saved from a reasonably expensive and likely lousy meal last night by a review from jrvedivici (ty again).

We ended up going to Court Jester as I was intrigued by their advertising their buffalo wings as "best". Well, the short of it is that they don't hold a candle to Jack's in West Long Branch, but they may well be the best in Freehold. We had a few burgers, two orders of wings, and an order of waffle fries covered in seasoned beef and cheese sauce along with more than a few beers.

The beer selection is pretty good and there were more than enough tv sets to watch the football games comfortably at our table away from the bar. The wings were a good size, not too big or too small and split into the usual two sections and the buffalo sauce was tasty, if not hot enough for me (no choices as to level of heat, just buffalo or bbq). The major issue I had with them is that they were most likely frozen and not fresh. This makes them soggy as opposed to crispy unless one overcooks them and then they just get dried out. I urge you to try Jack's wings to see what a crispy, yet juicy, wing should be.

The fries were much better - crispy and tasty and they held up well under a decent amount of ground beef and cheese sauce. Burgers were also just ok, but good sized and we all ended up leaving a portion on our plates uneaten due to both things.

All in all I can see why I couldn't find a review of the place here on this board. I can also understand why they were busy last night as it was fairly priced and comfortable and nothing we ate was actually bad.

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  1. Where did I save you from going?

    Jack's is very well known for their wings so I certainly second your recommendation. It's been a few years since I've been to Jack's but they use to put out an all you can eat wings bar/buffet during half time for Monday Night Football. If memory serves me correct didn't I hear that Jacks recently went under renovation?

    Court Jester has always been a solid beer/burger spot. The only thing I don't like about the place is the very narrow layout. I get a bit claustrophobic when I'm there.

    On the wings topic I can say this, one of the worst wings in my opinion Buffallo Wild Wings, go figure.

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      I believe there is another Court Jester a couple doors down from Denino's pizza in Aberdeen. But sounds like Jacks is the place for wings, wish there was a closer option.

      Come to think of it, for Fast Food, planet wings by Texas Roadhouse has a decent buffalo wing for what it is.

      1. re: angelo04

        You are correct there is a Court Jester on 34 in Matawan or Aberdeen in the same mall as Denino's and Strathmore Bowling.