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Jan 13, 2013 06:32 AM

Looking for non gebrokts, non kitniyos, vegan recipes

I know pesach isn't so close, but since I want to be able to practice beforehand, I'm looking for ideas of non gebrokts, non kitniyos, egg free, dairy free recipes (I can eat meat, but I can think of enough of those ideas on my own) that are free of refined sugar. Can't do quinoa either, or too much coconut.

I'm especially looking for breakfast and dessert and snack recipes.

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  1. Here are two good sources: Vegan Holiday Kitchen, Nava Atlas (don't just look at her two passover sections, many of the recipes in the rest of the book can be adapted or used); and The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook by Roberta Kalechofsky and Rosa Rasiel (again, don't limit yourself to the "Hag ha Matzot" section. This book says vegetarian, but is actually vegan. We depend a lot on seasonal fruit (strawberries) and asparagus. We've learned to make mayonnaise without egg that is kosher for passover and find that after filling meals,simple fruit or fruit dipped in chocolate is perfect.

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      What is your mayo made out of? All my vegan mayo recipes are kitniyot based, either with mustard, beans, sunflower seeds, etc...

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        I'm in Israel, so don't really have the option to look in most english language cookbooks, as there is no english library where I live...

      2. Desserts: Obviously, fruit and nuts are the way to go here. Poached pears, with wine, honey, and spices? Honey-glazed nuts? Strawberries with reduced balsamic vinegar?

        Side dishes: lots of simple vegetables with herbs and/or garlic, I guess. Think roasted vegetables with pesto. And the ever-present potato.

        Breakfast: Gosh, you've got me there. I can find directions online for making your own almond-milk yogurt, starting from whole almonds, like this: I have never attempted this, and am frankly not interested in trying, but maybe that, with honey and perhaps some fruit?

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          Wait, now I notice that in the title of the post, you want VEGAN recipes as well, which means honey is out. At that point, what sweeteners are available, aside from refined sugar? Is silan (date syrup) available for Pesach?

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            no, honey is fine. I just meant that I'm looking for dairy free, egg free, non meat or fish recipes, but I eat meat, am not vegan, and have no problem eating honey...

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              I am happy to use dates, either whole or made into silan. And I am about to call up torah scroll k to find out if the coconut sugar they certify is kosher for passover...

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              Almond milk yogurt is problematic, because you need something as a starter and I'm not sure I'm able to find kosher for passover starter... and can't use dairy yogurt as a starter...