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Jan 13, 2013 06:14 AM

Overnight chicken

This is probably a no brainier, but I'm asking it anyway.

At about 10 pm last night, pulled out a whole frozen chicken and left it, still in it's packaging, on the counter all night. This morning it was thawed, but still cold.

Tossed it in the crockpot before the clock struck 8 am. I think it's safe to still slow cook and eat. What do you all think?

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  1. Of course. Did you put some large chunks of veg on the bottom to keep the bird off the bottom? Of course you didn't add any water right? You are not 'braising' b/c you didn't mention adding any liquid. 200 F max temp until the bird's internal temp is about 150 F right? You'll remove the bird and lightly tent for fifteen minutes right? Then you'll have a delicious juicy chicken with an internal temp of about 155+F. Perfect. 'Good on you'. LOL
    You'll of course save the juices to make a delicious sauce. IMO 'gravy' is a bit too heavy to serve with a chicken cooked this way. You are basically just using the heat from the crockpot to cook the bird. I have done this with excellent results.

    1. I have done this exact same thing before and lived to tell the tale, as have the members of my family that also consumed said chicken.

      However, I think the key is "...but still cold" suggesting that the centre of the bird might still have been frozen? if that is the case, do be aware that your crockpot will take longer and that the temperature testing is VITAL (and I tend toward 160-170 for internal instant-readings for poultry-that pink tinge in chicken is creepy!)

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        Not to me. Same as a bit of pink tinge with pork. I idea that chickens and pork and for that matter some cuts of beef ought not to have any 'pink' is so 1950's IMO LOL
        Modern meat processing has pretty much ended the need to be paranoid of any 'pinkness'.

      2. No worries- you are fine. Enjoy!

        I do think LJ has point about the center might have still been frozen. If you are doing the low/slow until the chicken basically falls part you will have no problems but if you are doing it for less than that do take an internal temp before removing.