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Jan 13, 2013 06:07 AM

2 months in Christchurch

Hi, I'll be spending 2-3 months in ChCh, NZ with my family. We'll be staying in a "unit" or whatever that is, at the University of Canterbury. I'll have a car but also a twin stroller and two 18mth olds, so travelling to many destinations in one day is not very convenient. I'll be there most of May and June, maybe even July.

So, would you please point me to a direction of a great farmers market or a supermarket / shop with high quality foods.

Also, I'd appreciate a tip for a good restaurant with food delivery to the area of the University. Any quisine except Thai is great (hate cilantro/ coriander and DH hates heat and lots of spices).

Finally, I'd like to ask you for restaurant tips around that area. I guess there is nothing within 5 minutes walk, but maybe within 5 minutes drive? Just an ordinary every-day simple but good place.

Thanks a lot! Alex

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  1. Hi there,

    Christchurch is a little bit tricky at the moment, with the aftermath of the earthquakes and all. A lot of things are still pretty ad hoc, even now. Five years ago, I could have recommended you dozens of places! Most of my favourites are now gone, sadly.

    Fortunately, Riccarton (where the uni is) is a bit of a hub post quake, so there are a couple of places you might like. Try Joe's Garage for a great brunch:

    My fave cheap/cheerful/absolutely delicious restaurant was always Cookai (Japanese place) - which used to be in town, but post quake is in now found at 6 Nelson Street, Riccarton. I've dined there recently and it was as good as ever.

    Black Betty - - in the CBD is fab, but might be a 10-min drive for you. Worth it though.

    Piko Wholefoods - - is great for specialist stuff, otherwise the normal supermarket at Riccarton Mall is fine for staples (5 min drive from uni).

    There was always good coffee at the uni campus cafes when I was there (especially the Law Cafe), but don't know what the status (especially of the Law School) is post-quake. I assume those places are still there, but worth checking. Might be an easy walk for you.

    I honestly don't know the deal on food delivery in Riccarton - there will be some Asian fare of some kind and pizza. New Zealand isn't as big on food delivery as most Western countries I've visited, but there will be some (mostly cheap studenty fare, probably, considering it's Riccarton).

    I guess the thing about Christchurch is that the landscape (eek, scuse the pun) is still changing so rapidly that new places are closing and popping up everywhere all the time. These recommendations are recent, but I'd recommend asking the locals what's currently good when you get there...

    Hope that vaguely helps! Someone else might be able to be more specific.

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    1. Good luck.My daughter moved to Christchurch in June 2012. She went to marry her Kiwi man:) It has been an adjustment for her.The entire city is slowly being rebuilt secondary to the 2011 earthquakes.She has mentioned some places near the beach in their area that her and her new family enjoy. I will FB her and get some info.Lucky you even in spite of the rebuild it looks like a garden "down unda".

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