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Jan 13, 2013 05:42 AM

Three days in Paris - need some help!

Will be going to Paris prior to visiting our daughter in Florence - need three breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants - have never been to Paris - we will be staying at the Westin Vendome. We don't necessarily love touristy places but neither of us speak French. Looking for a variety of types of restaurants not looking to break the bank though. Thanks

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  1. Chez regalade saint honore...Breizh cafe...

    1. You will find several quite serviceable restaurants right around the corner from you on rue Mont Thabor. Le Souffle and L'Ardoise are frequented by locals as well as tourists and are tourist friendly and not expensive. You will also find Vietnamese and sushi, but I can't vouch for quality of either.

      1. What restaurants on recent threads interest you? What are you looking for? There's lots on info in here.

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          We tend not to love fancy/expensive restaurants - we don't need to stay by the hotel and would prefer not to so that we can travel around Paris - I have reviewed a lot of the threads and you can let me know if I am even close to being on the right path:

          Chez L'Ami Jean
          Chez Dumonet
          Bistro Paul Bert
          Bistro au Vieux-Chene
          Chez Dumonet

          Not sure if any of these would be good for lunch or dinner and can you clue me in on the days that these places may be closed Thanks for your help!!

          1. re: mboxermd

            Good list:
            Haven't been to Bistro au Vieux-Chene in years, please report
            Chez Dumonet Twice, that good eh?

            1. re: John Talbott

              Hi John - Do you think it might be worth taking a guided food tour for 3 - 4 hours one of the days - if so can you recommend a reputible person/company? I have found Paris by mouth on line do you know of this company?

              1. re: mboxermd

                yes, I have a conflict of interest however since I'm one of the founders of PbM and a colleague/friend of Meg's and Phyllis's. Read their endorsements for an unbiased opinion.

                1. re: mboxermd

                  PBM is very good, and so is The Paris Kitchen.

          2. There's no need to resort to "touristy" restaurants because you don't speak French. Most Parisians speak at least some English. And if you're willing to learn some basic polite phrases, that should get you far.