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Jan 13, 2013 04:30 AM

Excellent German Restaurant in MD !

My wife and friends (13) of us) celebrated my 50. birthday at Prost German Restaurant, an extremely charming authentic decorated and well-run. The waitresses locked lovely in there Dirndl's and the waiters in there Lederhosen. It brought me back in time to Bavaria.
After 2 rounds of beer, we started out with a numbers of apps (Sausage sampler, Fritierter-Camembert, Kaiserschmarrn and the Flying Pick's). The sausage sampler (for 2) was great and the Kaiserschmarrn and Flying Pick's where EXELENT. The Wiener and Jaeger Schnitzel was almost the size of a Frisbee disk, and very tender. The potato salad and the Jaeger gravy, Rouladen and Sour Beef tasty too.
We really enjoyed also the huge German Beer and Wine selection.
There was almost no room for a dessert, but we could not resist trying and make a long story short the deserts where as great as the rest and we had a great time.

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  1. In case other 'hounds are interested in trying this place, it would be helpful to post a more specific location than just "MD".

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