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Jan 13, 2013 03:54 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Teochew Fried Koay Teow at Kiew Yee (Est. 1952)

I finally found a Teochew-style fried koay teow here in KL which closely approximated the fried koay teow which we have in Singapore - at the 60-something year-old stall, Kiew Yee, this afternoon. One of Petaling Street, KL Chinatown's stalwarts, Kiew Yee has been purveying its famous Teochew fried koay teow since 1952.

Its similarities with Singapore-style fried koay teow:
- they used a mixture of flat rice noodles or "koay teow" (粿条) and yellow wheat noodles (whereas Penang-style fried koay teow, on the other hand, uses *only* the flat rice noodles)
- only cockles ("see hum") were used, which is fairly typical of Teochew-style cooking, since the Teochews *loved* their cockles. No prawns, Chinese waxed sausages or any other meats were used here.
- eggs, thinly-sliced fishcakes, beansprouts and chives were also added.

However, Kiew Yee's version also has some marked difference from Singapore-style fried koay teow:
- like any other Malaysian-style fried noodles, *no* sweet dark soysauce were added - a distinct characteristic of Singapore fried koay teow.
- Kiew Yee has a unique self-made ground peanut-sesame paste which was added during the frying process - giving their koay teow a subtle, nutty flavor unlike any other.
- Kiew Yee's flat rice noodles were finer and thinner than the type used in Singapore, and its yellow egg noodles were also the thinner than the type used in Singapore.
- It's also fried till fairly dry-ish, whereas in Singapore, the fried koay teow has a fairly gluggy, mushy texture as 1/3 cup or so water will be added at the end of the frying process to the noodles.

Lard was used liberally, as is the practice in Chinese street-side cooking here in KL, and this adds a deliciously-rich flavor to noodles, enhanced by a smoky, "wok hei" aroma. Such a simple dish, but one which came together perfectly.

Address details
Kiew Yee Teow Chew Char Kueh Teow
Tang City Food Court
Jalan Hang Lekir, off Petaling Street
50000 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Hi klyeoh, someone saw your post and we were surprised that the owner of this Kiew Yee Teochew Fried Koay Teow were different from the photo that you uploaded. Thought it will be good for us to update it here.

    For your information, the Teochew owner only operates during day time (as stated on their food signboard "早市"). Their business hours is from 7.00am - 3.30pm. As for the other fried koay teow seller (as shown in your photo), they operates during night time (normally after 4.00pm).

    You can also find out more information as Spore's tv host Bryan Wong and Msia's Axian have interviewed the Kiew Yee Teochew Fried Koay Teow owner before.

    Do give it a try if you have yet to taste the original Teo Chew fried Koay Teow. =)