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Jan 13, 2013 03:26 AM

Where can I get cheap disposable plastic food containers?

Like the ones they use in restaurants when ever some one as for a doggy bag. I live in NYC. Where exactly can I go to get them? I tried some 99 cent stores in my area and they don't have them either. When I look online they sell them in massive bulks that I do not need and cost a lot. Heck even those containers that they stuff like soup, ice tea and other stuff from delis and people who order to go.
I have a cooler handbag which is big enough to fit up to 16 cans plus a frozen ice pack.
I want to make some ice cream brownies and bring them to school but the cooler is too small for me to have them all together in one big bulk.

I was thinking of just carrying a tub of ice cream in the cooler and the brownies in my cupcake carrier but that would be too much of a hassle for me, plus the ice cream scooper I need, a long with having to buy plates.

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  1. I would approach a restaurant where you're a regular and ask if you can buy some containers.

    If that doesn't work, it might be time to reconsider the ice cream.

    1. I keep / reuse / stock pile the plastic to-go / deli containers I often get at the grocery deli.

      1. Where in NYC are you? I'd post ot the Manhattan or Outer Boroughs board for specifics. I have seen knockoff gladware (2-3 pc for 99 cents) at Jack's 99 cent store on 40th/Madison, and I'm sure their other locations will have them too.

        1. You should go to a restaurant supply store; they often sell "sleeves" of paper goods, which would be 25 or 50 quantity. If you're talking about "deli containers" (hard to tell from your description, what shape are you imagining?), you will have to buy the cups and lids separately. There are two kinds available, the "heavy duty" which you can reuse quite a few times, and then the regular which are thin and meant to be disposable. Those regulars should be cost effective, especially if you're giving them away.

          1. Yup. A restaurant you frequent or a supply store.