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Jan 12, 2013 11:51 PM

Slow Hand BBQ in Pleasant Hill - Any reports?

Heard a mention of Slow Hand BBQ in Pleasant Hill from the KQED Forum talk one of the critics likes it. Any hounds been there? What's good?

Slow Hand BBQ
1941 Oak Park Blvd, Pleasant Hill
Open 11a-9p


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  1. I've done a thorough review of nearly all BBQ places in SF and east bay. My friends and I have decided that Slow Hand makes some of the best ribs. Their brisket and pulled pork are also good but its really the ribs that standout. They have a great rub and don't completely fall of the bone into a mess.

    For other people interested in BBQ -

    Brisket - Bo's in Lafayette, KC as a runner up (not much bark)
    Pulled Pork - cathead in SF, Loonies as a runner up

    1. We had their ribs at a football party on Saturday -- I don't think I've had better in the bay area. Great peppery rub, crusty outside, fall apart tender inside, great smoke. I've almost given up on BBQ in the Bay Area, but these ribs are the real deal.

      1. Tried it tonight -- pulled pork, brisket, baby back ribs (I'm more of a St Louis cut fan, but my daughter wanted baby back), and some sides. The brisket had a good smoke ring (washed out in the photo) and good flavor but was dry. Bo's (when they're having a good day) and B-Side have much better brisket. I smoke pork butts for 8 hours and know what real pulled pork looks and tastes like -- this wasn't it.It was maybe smoked for a little while and then braised. It had a sort of pot roast texture (see the cup in the upper right). The ribs, though, were great, definitely some of the best I've had in these parts. Potato salad was warm and vinegary, no mayo. No mayo in the slaw either; it was more like the curtido you get with pupusas. The beans were not canned, and had a pretty good sweet, smoky flavor with bits of bacon. I'd definitely go back for the ribs, and might try the brisket again, but the pulled pork is a no go.