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Jan 12, 2013 11:46 PM

Ayutla Mexican Restaurant in the Mission, SF - any reports?

I heard on KQED Forum from a caller that Ayutla has good horchata, been open about 4 months, pretty quiet. Any hounds been there?

Ayutla Restaurant
2778 24th St, SF

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  1. It sounds like this is the renamed Casa Sanchez. I wonder if it's different staff/cooks. They always seemed a bit hit or miss to me.

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      yes, it still says casa sanchez in the signage, but on the window, "ayutla (since 1989)." we were there tonight and were the only customers besides some take out. two friendly women were in the kitchen. we had unimpressive albondigas soup and acceptable enchiladas (chicken) with mole. chips (larded) with decent salsa.
      good refried beans. distracted service. ran out of dos equis after one. didn't bring us an extra bowl for the soup, or the chips or water we asked for. credit card machine inoperable.
      price seemed slightly high for the neighborhood.
      ergo, i think the kqed caller was a shill.