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Jan 12, 2013 09:44 PM

help please on timing for sirloin tip pot roast

It's my turn to cook dinner - for 14 foodies. I have a 4kg sirloin tip that I rubbed down 12 hours ago. I live 1 hour away from the venue and I want a flavourful, tender pot roast.

Most recipes call for 2 - 2 1/2 hours for 4 lbs pot roast. Mine is twice that size. So I'm figuring 3-3 1/2 hours at 350F.

I could cook it at home then bring the unsliced roast, reheat and finish the smashed potatoes. How long would it take to reheat the roast?

Or, would it be better to arrive ~4 hours before service and roast it onsite without knowing how long it will take to cook.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. You do not mention the temperature you are targeting for your final result. Based on the 4kg detail, can we assume you are in the UK? if so, the Sirloin Tip seems to be a popular beef roast there which comes from the Bottom Sirloin, a k a, a Joint or Knuckle. For best results, I believe you need to roast low and slow at 200-225* for best results for tenderness and to keep the meat moist. If you do take the low and slow approach, then you are looking for 5-6 hours roasting time. I also believe that 2 hours resting is best for a finished for you the one hour transit time should actually help you in this case. You can finish the roast an hour earlier in your home and wrap it...or you can hold it in the oven at the venue for 60 minutes....or if you need to serve it sooner, then start the warm up phase immediately when you arrive. Set the oven for 225-250, place the roast inside the oven (unwrapped) and 10 minutes before serving, crank up the oven to 450+* for a high heat blast to give the roast some char or crust. It will not be necessary to rest the roast a second time. You can slice immediately.

    The following threads give you the basic method in more detail so you can achieve the results you desire. Although there are details for different beef cuts, the same rules and methods apply....45-50 minutes/lb. @ 200-225*

    I do not recommend roasting beef at anything higher than 250*. I believe it produces a tougher and chewier roast. Roasting low and slow mimics the dry aging process to naturally tenderize with the beef's enzymes and concentrate the flavor. It's the way most commercial kitchens roast both expensive and inexpensive cuts of beef for better results and total yield (less Shrinkage).

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      Ignore my comments above...I just realized you are looking for a braise.


      I would slice the roast lengthwise in half, then Jaccard should be done in about 3-3.5 hours as you have anticipated... When finished, I would preslice,and then reheat in the oven @ 250 for an hour and serve

    2. so I don't forget.... The roast was rubbed down with a mixture of (smoked paprika), garlic powder, onion power, oregeano, salt pepper etc. Next time I'll keep it simple. I didn't like the smoky/orgeano flavor.

      I split and tied the sirloin tip roast so that it was more cylindrical in shape. It took about 4 hours to reach 135F at 300F, then 250F. We ate 3 lbs of spinach and 5lbs of potatos there was jsut enough food.