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Jan 12, 2013 09:42 PM

Shunji Winter Dinner (forgot to post earlier)

Sea Cucumber with pickles and innards.

Persimmon with Tofu.
Ginko Nuts.
Black Cod Egg.
Grilled Mackerel.
Ankimo Mousse.
Bleu Cheese Ball.
Red snapper noodles with red snapper sashimi.
Fried fish.

Kanpachi Sashimi in ponzu.

Lobster four ways: in soup, lobster tartare with burgundy white truffles on daikon radish, lobster sashimi with ponzu dipping sauce, and lobster tempura with green tea salt.

Shirako tempura with tempura pepper.

Taro, potato, and mixed mushrooms porridge topped with scallops.

Opa, whitefish, and other whitefish sashimi with wasabi, salt.

Marinated Black Cod.

Conch in it's shell with soup broth.

Pompano sushi, tuna sushi, and marinated salmon sushi.

Chocolate mousse for dessert.

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  1. Nice. You got the lobster 4 ways and the fried shirako...that means he likes you! :)

    Sounds like a stellar meal.

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    1. re: Porthos

      I asked for three ways per your review. But he added that soup with lobster dish too.

      And I always request the bleu cheese ball with the ankimo mousse. I have to get those if he has them on hand.

      Yes. It was a great meal if extravagantly pricey.

    2. you dare post without mentioning cost. =P