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Jan 12, 2013 07:49 PM

Grill Room?

Anyone been since the new chef has taken the helm? A friend proposes to take me there next week, and while I'm inclined to go, I'd love to hear a report about her cooking/the menu. Thanks much!

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  1. I've had two tasting menus since Butterworth took over. One was a regular tasting with pairings and the other was their reveillon dinner with pairings. Both were really good meals, but the reveillon was better. I don't have time to make a full review, but I'd say it's worth it to go. It's pricey, relatively speaking. The ordinary tasting with pairings ran something like 400 for two. A la carte dining should get you in and out much cheaper.

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    1. re: N.O.Food

      $140 with parings before tax and tip seems eminently reasonable

      $70 a la carte vs $85 for the tasting menu without wine seems like a no brainer to me, btw

      1. re: paz5559

        Never said it was unreasonable. Just think some might find 400 for two pricey, relatively speaking.

        1. re: N.O.Food

          Grill Room is $85 for food, $140 with pairings. 2 people, with 25% for tax and tip = $350
          Stella is $125/person for food, $250 with pairings. 2 people, with 25% for tax and tip = $625
          August is $97 for food, $147 with pairings. 2 people, with 25% for tax and tip = $367.50.
          Restaurant Revolution is $125 for food, $200 with pairings. 2 people, with 25% for tax and tip = $500

          Pricey? seems like a relative bargin to me.

          1. re: paz5559

            Good point. But there's three problems with your argument: (1) our bill for the tasting with pairings and tip was a solid $400, not $350, like you say; (2) I didn't know revolution had a tasting menu yet, so I'm not sure where you got that number. (I'm anxiously awaiting that day; they desperately need one.); and (3) Stella is the only resto named that cost more than our experience at Grill Room. So I'm not sure you're argument is a good one, but I do see your point. And again, I'm not complaining about the cost.

            I actually had revolution in mind when I wrote my original post. Four of us went to revolution and my companion complained later about the $400 tab. I thought that was very reasonable for four ppl a la carte with wine. My wife and I went to Grill Room and it was 400 for two. Hence: some might find it pricey.

            1. re: N.O.Food

              This ( is where I got $140/person for the Grill Room with pairings. $280 x 1.25 = $350

              I called Revolution this moring and asked - their 5 course tasting menu starts at $125, and sommelier's choice of pairings is an additional $75/person.

    2. Can't give you a review but it is on my list. I was impressed with her offerings at Boudin & Beer.

      1. OK, it was July, but they were hitting on "all cylinders" then.

        Sorry that I cannot give you a really recent comment.