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Jan 12, 2013 07:21 PM

favorite specifically kosher cookbooks?

i am a cookbookaholic; i own a ton of vegetarian ones, ottolonghi's "Plenty" , a bunch of Annabel Karmel books and other assorted random ones but I am ashamed to say I really like my 'kosher' cookbooks best. I have the whole KBD series (except cooking coach which has had mixed reviews); kosher palette 1 (i dont like the 2nd one); the 2 quick n koshers (the second one was terrible imvho); dining in- both; What's cooking (a total fave); Persian food from nonpersian bride (waste of time); bais yaakov, Dash, Temptations (from keter torah in teaneck); spice and spirit and other smaller less well-known ones.. I have been on a self-induced no buying trend but now I think I'm ready to re-indulge!
Any kosher ones you recommend? I am interested in reviews too, on CHIC; Fresh N Easy; (Gil Marks) Olive trees n Honey; Aromas of Alpeppo.. and cause i'm curious- any reviews on KBD Cooking Coach?

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  1. Aromas of Aleppo is a fantastic book. Clearly written and explained. Beautiful pictures. Holiday menus are given. Many of the recipes are fairly simple, using easily found ingredients. But, there are recipes that require time, labor, and specialty ingredients. It's a coffee table book as much as a book to cook from.

    I have Cooking Coach, was given the book as a gift. I have not cooked anything from it. The recipes are not really my style. A lot of the recipes are kind of reinventions of the other fishbein books. Best parts of the book are the beginning sections to each chapter. The intros on meat and fish are why I haven't regifted the book. The author shows clear pictures and descriptions of cuts of kosher beef and how to prepare them. Same with fish.

    1. I love Claudia Roden's book

      1. I get a lot of use out of Gil Marks' Olive trees n Honey

        1. I like the New York Times Passover cookbook. Though that may be because I only see it for one week out of the year ;-)

          1. I second Claudia Roden's book "The Book of Jewish Food". I also use Faye Levy's "1,000 Jewish Recipes". Gil Marks' "Encyclopedia of Jewish Food" is a terrific reference book with a lot of recipes and occupies an honored spot on my shelf.

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              I love The spice and Spirit of Kosher Cooking. it's not fancy, but it has a bit of everything. I've been using it for years, and though I have hundreds of cookbooks, I always refer back to this one.