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Jan 12, 2013 07:14 PM

bailey's smokehouse

stopped by for lunch today, what a fun place! Lot's of families, great beer list, interesting menu. My wife had a cuban made with pulled pork, great idea, absolutely delicious. I decided to try the chicken/rib combo. The chicken was nicely smoked, just a hint of sauce. Unfortunately the st louis cut spares weren't quite as good. The first rib overdone, the meat just fell off the bone. The other two ribs were a little better, but clearly overdone. I will say they managed to render all the fat and they were clearly smoked over wood. My sides were outstanding, bourbon glazed carrots were not overdone. The beans were supposed to have burnt ends but the pulled pork substitute was very good.

will definitely try this place again but will skip the ribs next time.

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  1. The first time we were there the bbq was wonderful. The second visit inedible. I remember we liked the sides old bay fries and the corn pudding/souffle, carrots...

      1. re: GIOny

        136 Erie Street East Blauvelt, NY 10913
        (845) 398-1454

      2. I work nearby and we often get takeout for meetings. There are some big swings in quality depending on the day, but it's a good option for the area. The green bean side is quite good. I also like the corn pudding and the pulled pork.

        1. As has been said, kinda uneven. Sides are very good, however, especially the burnt end green beans! And it generally is a better choice than Johnny's, although it can be noisy on weekends with a lot of young kids there with families.