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Jan 5, 2006 03:15 PM

Wine Cottage Bistro in Old Orcutt (Santa Maria area)

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Looking at some central coast wine-dinner events ran across one held last Tues. at this place. A little Googling revealed it to be recently opened (website linked below).

Wondering if any hounds have checked it out or heard any buzz. It'd be great to have a fall back spot for those times that Chef Rick's is booked solid.

Wine Cottage Bistro
285 South Broadway, W of Hwy 135 S of Clark (Orcutt) Rd

Note: It appears to be @ 2.5 mi west of Hwy 101, don't plug the address into Mapquest, it will ID it as being in Santa Maria, even after specifying Orcutt and the correct ZIP.


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  1. WOW!!! Thanks for the tip- it looks like this is right next to The Loading Dock, the fun place in Old Orcutt- that has coffee and sanwiches and cool flea markets. this is W of Clark and Bradley intersection, then S on Broadway. Can hardly wait to try this!

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      Exactly, an older article mentioned the Loading Dock and something called Casa Bella (a little shopping mall?). Here's a pic with the "coming soon" sign.


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      Excellent dinner. Had the mussels appetizer. The mussels were perfectly cooked, fresh and succulent, and the sauce was out of this world, creamy and delicious with a little kick. The margharita pizza was also wonderful,the sauce and cheese delicious and the crust having a nice smoky flavor only brick ovens like their's can achieve. The paella was ok. The fried chocolate bread pudding was bland and dry. I'll have to try their house specials like the boar's ribs and steak next time. Friday nights they have live bands playing at the loading dock next door, so we were treated to live music sitting out in the tent.

      1. As a long-time resident of Santa Maria, I am thrilled to have a bistro grace our town. The cottage they built with the wine bar and clever cellar room is beautiful. During my years in Berlin, Germany, I loved the unique restaurants that dotted the streets, and WCB has all that ambiance and more. The food is divine. My German-born husband and his family recently enjoyed their wood-fired pizza and declared it better than the pizza they ate in Italy. My favorite is the house-made chocolate ice cream with rich chocolate sauce. I've had some excellent bottles of wine there, and the wait staff is superb. A wonderful waitress with red hair took our order and could recall what we'd ordered the last time we were there. With wine maker dinners and wine tastings of all sorts, we plan on continuing our patronage to this unique bistro. Thanks Aimee and Rebecca for creating such a badly needed eatery!