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Jan 12, 2013 06:20 PM

Nice night out for 2 in PIttsburgh

My boyfriend and I are going to visit Pittsburgh next week. We're looking for a place for a nice night out. It doesn't need to be fancy but we're both pretty sophisticated. We're from Cleveland and we go to Michael Symon (we like Lolita more than Lola), and Jonathan Sawyer restaurants a lot.

We've heard about Legume and Church Brew Works. We're looking to spend less than fifty each. My boyfriend does not drink or eat alcohol and I don't eat caffeine, but we don't have a lot in the way of special needs. Do these sound like good places? What else should we think about?


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  1. I'm not sure what you will choose, but it will be Legume over Church Brew Works. Not at all in the same class.

    I think you'll be able to get out of Legume for under $50 each if you don't drink. Just don't go for the non-vegetarian tasting.

    1. Agree with Jay. In fact w/o booze, you can probably get out for under $100 most anywhere. Legume, Spoon, Salt of the Earth, Root 174, Cure, Tamari, Meat & Potatoes, etc. etc. Just don't order a non-alcoholic cocktail as it may not cost less.

      There's almost no point in going to Church Brew Works if not partaking in the beer. The food is decent, but it's the beer that's the attraction.

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        Can you fill in the "etc. etc." please? Those look cool but I'd love some more options.

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          google "best restaurants Pittsburgh", look for the Pittsburgh magazine list.

      2. When you say you don't "eat" alcohol or caffeine - does that mean you avoid dishes with any liquor, wine, coffee, chocolate component?

        Anyway, here are your best bets.

        Spoon will be the "fanciest" - but most Romantic..maybe most expensive.

        Salt of The Earth - not fancy, not incredibly intimate - communal tables, inventive ingredient pairings.

        Root 174 - more of the neighborhood bistro feel, contemporary comfort food with some exciting ingredients you probably haven't seen before.

        Cure - Another neighborhood type feel, great charcuterie/cheese selection - composed dishes that are a bit more straighforward with really, really good protein preparations.

        Those are the only restaurants you should consider IMO.