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Jan 12, 2013 06:17 PM

one pork shoulder, two recipes

I have a 4-pound shoulder that I was hoping to use for pulled pork sandwiches. But I was also hoping to use some of the meat for carnitas. So my choices as I see them are to 1) either cut the shoulder in half and cook each in their own seasonings or 2) find a basic recipe for the pork that's pretty simple and adds the sauce and specific seasonings later, so I can cook the roast at one time but season the meat differently for each dish. Does anyone have any opinion on which is the betetr option (or a recipe for option #2?) Thanks!

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  1. When I want to do that, I roast it simply, then add the seasonings for each separate dish later. I initially season with stuff that are common to both.

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    1. re: wyogal

      Seasonings that are common to both such as ... ? Anything beyond salt ad pepper? Thanks!

      1. re: glurf

        garlic, maybe some onion
        and that's it. I'll add a bit of liquid smoke to the pulled pork, and season the carnitas with cumin, ancho chili powder, maybe some paprika
        But, I love the taste of roast pork and go light on the seasonings.