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What to do with preserved lemon?

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Fairway had preserved lemons in the olive and pickle section and they looked so delicious I bought one. And now I have no clue what to do wth it. Any recipe ideas? I prefer something with chicken or fish/shrimp

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  1. Have you looked at any of these?

    1. You might want to explore google as well. Look for North African recipes. A search something like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=North...
      and then, I like to click on images.

      1. Makes a wonderful vinaigrette: puree in the small bowl of the food processor or mini-chop with garlic & black pepper, then with rice wine vinegar or red wine vinegar, then with olive oil. I use it on an apple & fennel slaw.

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          marvelous moroccan chicken with preserved lemon - it's a classic recipe and any good moroccan cookbook has it or find it on line. easy to make your own preserved lemons as well and, when you do, you'll find mutliple uses for them.

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            My favorite, with lots of flavor is posted here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6501...

        2. Make preserved lemonade.

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          2. There is a relish I make with chopped preserved lemon, parsley,and I believe olive oil. Great, with fish.

            In this link they mention garlic and calling gremolata, but with preserved lemon.


            Nice pictures, too!

            1. Throw it in with roasted veggies. Add it to the rice. Salsa w/tomato,onion,garlic, cilantro... Oh, yum...