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Jan 12, 2013 05:12 PM

Sweet Ginger, Japanese in Sausalito

I had lunch today at Sweet Ginger, a Japanese restaurant in Sausalito. I'm nursing a cold and wanted chicken soup so they fixed me udon with chicken. It was large and tasty, especially after adding some of the Japanese spice they put on the table with it, and loaded with chicken. The cucumber salad that arrived first was delicate and very good. I don't eat a lot of Japanese food so I'm not the best critic, but it seemed to me that the quality was first rate. The place is long and narrow with the outside walls filled with windows, and the staff was very gracious.

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  1. I thought Sweet Ginger was a-ok the one time I was there. I'm a bigger fan of Amberjack, in MIll Valley, for casual Japanese fare.