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Jan 12, 2013 04:08 PM

Oysters (and a question)

My friends and I want to do an oyster crawl before we return to school this break and wanted recommendations on places to go. So far we have the oyster happy hour at Mills Tavern and North for baked oysters (they had some on their menu, has anyone had them). It'd be easiest to keep things in Providence, so Matunuck is out, sadly. Very sadly. Anyways let us know any other places we should try!

And my question:
Any way to start some sort of petition for Farmstead to reopen??? The health department is destroying an incredible one of a kind store. And also ruining a couple's livelihood. Its unfair and just plain bureaucratic.

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  1. You might receive more replies if you state the area in your title- Southern New England covers a lot of territory. I would also suggest separate threads for your 2 different subjects.

    Good luck- an oyster crawl sounds like a great idea

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      1. Did they voluntary close or were they forced to close. ?

        1. They are back open already. Only closed for a day or two.

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            The restaurant reopened, not the cheese shop. They were forced to throw out all of their cheeses and cured meats. All of the restaurants that bought from them had to do the same. And any individuals who bought from them were encouraged to tell the Department of Health if they had had any stomach problems after eating the cheese.

            1. re: ebell10

              The restaurant never closed, and the shop reopened within a few days, although not with their full line of cheeses. They were forced to throw some product away, but most was given do not sell stickers until they could be deemed safe to eat. The cheeses have slowly been rolled out for sale as the FDA goes through them. The DOH did put out a recall.

              1. re: Nl2012

                Thanks! Last I heard, they were shut pretty much for good and had been completely ruined because they didn't want to refrigerate their cheeses.

          2. Interesting but if the FDA gets involved. It is a nice shop, the DOH has hired a few inspectors and going to hire more inspectors then really put a hit on some nasty places and now its the Sous Vide without a variance. That can mess someone up.