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Jan 12, 2013 03:58 PM


Keeping track of the souvlaki I order this year in this thread. Feel free to add your experiences.

Impressed with the moist and well-seasoned chicken souvlaki at the Hellenik Grill on Fairlawn. $9.50 for a small greek salad with chicken souvlaki.

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  1. For those out in Clarkson/Pt Credit, Souvlaki Hut is really good. Very moist chicken with a great lemon-oil-oregano marinade, fresh bun. Tzatziki is also excellent - thick, thick, thick and garlicky.


    1. I still think my choice for Souvlaki in TO would be the pork belly version at Folia. I just loved it every time I've ordered it.


      1. The "Super Chicken Souvlaki" wrap at Laterna. Yonge/Steeles. Killer.

        Don't go on a Saturday night. It's a mess of a zoo.

        1. I've always found Souvlaki Hot to server rather small, lightly spiced, somewhat crispy (burnt) pieces of pork in their souvlaki. My current fave may draw a few surprises, but here it is.... Astoria restaurat (either Danforth or Dundas West locations. Their souvlaki pieces are large, juicy ad very well spiced. Accompanied by excellent souvlaki and fresh soft grilled buns make this sandwhich a Greek delight.

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            Ha! I have stopped going to Astoria because I have always found the chicken totally dried out and not especially large. The tzatziiki at Astoria is excellent though

            1. re: CocoaChanel

              I like Astoria's lamb souvlaki better than their chicken souvlaki, but it's been a couple years since I've ordered either. I've always found the servings of souvlaki to be on the large side at the Danforth location of Astoria, but the size may vary. It tends to be the place where some people I know with bigger appetites tend to fill up. I wouldn't recommend the spanakopita at Astoria.

              I've found Asteria (east of Pape location)has moist chicken souvlaki, but the pieces are smaller than Astoria. While portions are smaller, and the decor is dated, a little more care is taken in the prep.

              For pork souvlaki sticks, I like Folia, Zorba's and Megas.

            2. re: cynalan

              I agree with you, Cyn. Astoria is my pick for souvlaki too. Their souvlaki is exactly how you describe thick, juicy and well-spiced and in my opinion, grilled to perfection . I prefer the pork souvlaki to their other variations. So good!

              1. re: Hondapendragon

                +1 on Astoria with the best tzatziki too! I find the chicken a bit bland and not "Greek" enough, but always big, juicy, tender, quality, chunks of white meat. : ) Perhaps the large sized order has bigger chunks than the small. I don't know but that could be possible and that may affect the differences in getting dry pcs VS juicy.

                1. re: justsayn

                  I think the dry vs juicy mostly depends on how much salt is in the marinade, and who happens to be grilling the souvlaki that day. I usually have ordered Astoria's souvlaki in a pita to-go, rather than the small or large souvlaki dinner, and the chunks have usually been on the large side.