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Jan 12, 2013 03:32 PM

upper east side food shopping

Just moved to the upper east (74th street) and am not thrilled about the produce/fish/meat selections. Went to Leonard's fish & meat and there were no labels of origin on the fish and nothing jumped out at me. Agata and Velenti's produce seemed just OK. I have not been to Gace's Market yet. Eli's is a good spot, but it is super expensive - I got a locally raised chicken there that seemed to be of good quality (am going to roast it shortly), but did not see any grass fed beef there.

Does anyone have a place on the upper east where they find good produce? Grass fed beef? Fish?

Any suggestions would be great. I plan on heading to the farmers market up here next weekend, so I cannot comment on that yet.

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  1. Try Fairway. I think it's on East 86th but do a search.

    1. Fairway is between 2nd and 3rd on 86th. Maybe try Citarella too?

      1. Everything in that neighborhood (I lived on 76th & 3rd for years) is expensive. I always liked A & V for the fish and meat departments...they also carried the "Italian" vegetables before they became available in every store.

        Grace's and Eli's make Agata and Citarella seem like a bargain.

        The 6 train is your friend to get to Union Square.

        1. I live in the east 60 and there is no place to shop. I go to 42nd and ninth and find everything from veg to fish.
          Great places and it is a quick cab back. Good luck

          1. Fairway on E86 bet 2nd and 3rd for most stuff, produce, some fish, olive oil, staples.. Citarella for good fish and meats. Agata for cheese, bread, Italian products, coffee, and prepared foods. Eli's for nothing: his pricing is an insult.