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Jan 12, 2013 03:31 PM

UWS - fun, laid back, "scene"

My sister and brother-in-law heading up to NYC in March/April with two other couples. They stay at her in-laws place near Lincoln Center, and have asked me to find a place for them to eat. They are late 30's with kids from Philly suburbs.

She asked me if I could give her a list of restaurants where they could be laid back in terms of dress (done up but not formal), fun scene, trendy, and decent food. Reminded her that I'm not sure UWS has exactly what they're looking for and suggested taking the venture to the Village...where I think options are plenty with what she's looking for. She also mentioned that two of the guys are essentially "meat and potatoes" type. I don't think price is much of a factor, and the priority is likely the atmosphere/scene.

Are there any restaurants in UWS that fit this description? Maybe Hell's Kitchen? Or should I send them further downtown?

She also was hoping for a fun place to hang out after...probably near where they're staying.

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  1. Gennaro's - 665 Amsterdam. Good Italian food.

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    1. If that tapas place is still there on 95th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam, it sounds like what they're looking for, except that it's a bit loud and crowded, but then it's the Upper West Side.

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        ageed its called Viniā€¦. last time i saw place is wasnt open???? its usually pretty crowded

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          That's Buceo 95. I agree it is very good and is usually quite crowded.

        2. Bar Boulud across the street from LIncoln Center is a trendy people watching place and our kids from the Philly suburbs really dug it.

          Ed's Chowder House in the Empire Hotel is a trendy, "ooo- look-whose-at-the-bar!" fun kind of place. It specializes in fish but anyone can get meat and potatoes. Expect noise on a weekend and definitely "the" place to hang out after.

          Lincoln, right next to the Met, is the new kid on the block and awesome looking. But it comes with a price.

          1. 78 Below on Columbus is subterranean, with live music, a 2 drink minimum, and a modest menu that includes sliders and wings, but no fries. For those who are about to rock.

            1. They might like the atmosphere and menu at Quality Meats.