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Jan 12, 2013 02:31 PM

Villabate Gourmet Manalapan?

I've been doing take out from Tuscanny on Rt 79 in Marlboro lately including some decent pizza, but a friend told me I should try Villabate. I looked online and found zero reviews anywhere. Anyone been?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Villabate is next to Tuscany. It is my understaning, they ae the same owner as Tuscany. I only dined there once last year. I really can't remember what I had, but I do remember everything tasting the tomato sauce, the broccolli rabe.

      They were very pleasant, I don't know why we never went back... It is the standard menu all these places have, but I did enjoy it.

      Hope this helps! :)

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      1. re: Angelina

        Right next door? Maybe I'm confused isn't Tuscany about 5 years old in a new strip mall of the same age on the south bound side? Set back a bit off 79 down near where the Fireside Grill is? (Opposite side of 79)

        Plus why does Seal indicate the locations are in different towns Marlboro vs. Manalapan?

        1. re: jrvedivici

          Hi jrvedici! Seal is right...there are 2 locations. He does not mean the one you are talking about. The original one is on Gordon Corner's Road in Manalapan. There is a CVS there...use to have a salon called Ginger's there, too. I have never bean to the location you are talking about, but I know exactly where it is.

          1. re: Angelina

            (In my best Maxell Smart voice)
            Ahhhh the old two locations with the same name tricks gets me all the time!!

            Thank you for the clarification. My comments above were obviously for the other location. Good luck with the curry pork!

          2. re: jrvedivici

            As I understand it, Villabate is on Gordon's Corner Rd in the Gordon's Center plaza. I have never been there, and for all I know, there is another place named Tuscany there as well, related or not to the one I have been to, as described by JR above.

            I plan on taking a drive this afternoon out on Gordon's Corner Rd and stopping by to see for myself, but as I have a Rendang curry pork roast marinating in my fridge to be cooked later, I will not be eating there today. I may, however get a few things to take out.

            Tyvm Angelina and JR for replying and whetting my curiousity ;o)

            1. re: seal

              Seal...with your cooking skills, I don;t think I would ever want to cater!! yum...enjoy your pork roast!!!

              Funny, JR!!! :)

        2. I ordered a mix of food from there once and I was not too impressed. We gave it another try and had the Nonna(grandma) pizza.

          The Nonna pizza is excellent, I would recommend it, but not sure about anything else there, as that is all we order from there.

          For plain pizza, I hit Dursal's on Wenesday or Sunday when they have the 2 pies for $15 special - plus it is closer to my house.

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          1. re: joestein

            I got the lowdown on Tuscany and Vaillabate today - same owners indeed.

            On to the food. I asked what kind of pizza they make and found out that they do a pie similar to "The Square" from Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn. They call it an Upside Down pie and we got one and it was really good.

            For the record, I eat out too much.

          2. The original comment has been removed