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Jan 12, 2013 02:26 PM

Goat Leg

I bought a goat leg today but have never cooked one. I am searching for some recipes on Google but would like to hear of any that you have. I have no grill, so it needs to be an indoor recipe. Thanks!

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  1. I've had it roasted with oregano and garlic as primary spices ....medium rare it to me was much like lamb

    1. I usualy grill it until the outside is charred, but you could do that in a skillet on the stove. Then I either put it in a roaster on low heat or a roasting pan in the oven, with some generic broth and salt, pepper, oregano, and whatever other spices and herbs you care to use, and cook it until it's tender. I haven't had local goat, it's always frozen and from Australia, and is pretty tough until it's braised or pot-roasted (aren't they the same thing, basically?). Anyway, what i've had has needed to be moist-cooked.
      I love goat meat, I wish it was more widely available.

      1. In my youth I was a goat farmer but never ate goat until later in life when I went to the Caribbean where I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used to sell all my male kids for meat but since I bottle fed them had no desire to eat them. My customers always roasted the whole kid or cooked it on a spit. I finally bought a goat leg and used a Rick Bayless recipe where you make a braising liquid from mild chiles and cover the pot with foil, then the lid. It's on his website. I was very disappointed because the meat turned out very stringy after long cooking. I think it must have been an older goat even though the leg was pretty small. I raised primarily Nubian goats and they are big when grown up so I had no idea. I guess what I bought was one of those goats that people call pygmy goats that stay small, and they are best suited for stew. So, I think it depends on the type of goat you have.

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          That is interesting, I didn't think to ask what kind of goat. If I like it, I will find out more for the market I bought it from.

          I decided to use this recipe, which I've used before on both beef short ribs and lamb and I have liked it. It is braising at the moment. I will post how it went later.

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            Thanks, I would like to know how it went. I think perhaps the lack of fat contributed to the stringiness.

        2. Cut it up and stew it. Only way to go. Make a curry, Jamaican style and serve it with rice and peas.
          Thank me later. ;)

          1. I really enjoyed the goat. See pict. Thanks for the suggestions.

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