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Jan 12, 2013 02:12 PM

Best Indian in the bay?

I've seen comments that the best Indian restaurants are in the South Bay and I'm up for taking a trip down there from SF to try one. Looking for a place that does both meat and veg; downscale is fine; either serves beer or allows byob. Suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. BYOB does not exist in california. If you have a license to serve, you serve, if you don't have a license, you can't allow people to bring their own.

    "Best" really depends on the style you like - there are thousands of places. Of the recent threads on the topic, which places are you attracted to?

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      And what Indian places do you like or dislike in SF?

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        I'm greatly surprised to learn this, as I've eaten at a number of BYOB restaurants in California. A bit of googling, however, confirms what you say: it's illegal if you don't own a liquor license! Guess I'll just treasure the practice -- when I find it -- even more.

        1. Not sure how good their buffet is. But a la carte:

          Amber India (Mountain View location) for upscale - but only if you enjoy lamb and other meat dishes otherwise you can get as good quality food for cheaper. I realize there are other locations but I find this location the best.

          For downscale I really like Tastebuds. They do an awesome fish curry called Fish Pulusu and other renditions I've had of both meet and veg options have been great. Make sure to ask for spicy if you want spicy.

          1. I'm very partial to Ajanta on Solano in Berkeley.