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Jan 12, 2013 01:57 PM

Sunday breakfast near Century City Mall

Hey guys!

So my mom and her friend (both foodies) are coming up to visit me tonight/ tomorrow and I really want to take them to a great Sunday breakfast; I want to take them to a place that has ambiance and is pretty farm to table and not so much "those taquilla shots where a bad choice". They are meeting up with some clients at the Century City mall at 12pm tomorrow, so if there is somewhere around there that's BOMB around their that would be amazing!

I go to UCLA, so my mom initially wanted to go somewhere around there, but lets be real....when did Westwood ever have chow hound worthy food...?

Tonight they are coming to my work at the SLS hotel and eating at The Bazaar by Jose Andres, so I want to follow up with something less fussy but equally satisfying.

Appreciate any help! Thank you so much!

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  1. Nothing much is open in Century City on Sundays unless you go to the mall.

    Next door in Beverly Hills, however,there are quite a few choices like Scarpetta & Bouchon.

    1. Really good breakfast at John O' Groats on Pico right near Century City. Not fancy. Nate n Al's Deli is good in Beverly Hills? What is your budget?

      +1 for Bouchon.

      The Farm of Beverly Hills.

      I really do like the Scarpetta Buffet, but it's is expensive.

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          The "Jidori hen's eggs" all over the Bouchon menu crack me up. Unless Jidori roosters lay eggs, that's pretty affected!

        2. Is Craft open for brunch on Sunday?

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              I liked Food (went there once), but I wonder if the ambiance might be too stripped-down/industrial?

              +1 on John O'Groats. Just get there early b/c there will be a huge line.

              I also like Milo + Olive and Brus Wiffle, but those might be too far west (esp the latter). Shouldn't take that much time to zip across to Century City on a Sunday, though.

              A place in Beverly Hills might be nice w/ the Golden Globes happening tomorrow (don't know if they want a celebrity sighting).

            2. If you don't mind the price then take them for Sunday brunch up at the newly redone Hotel Bel Air